My Spring Onion Flowered

Title says it all really. Not a great photo, just a photo of something I’ve never seen before.

I bought the spring onion from the local market about 2 weeks ago. I went to put them in a little vase on the kitchen bench with a bit of water when I noticed that they had the tiniest buds on them. So, I’ve been waiting for them to flower. Image


4 thoughts on “My Spring Onion Flowered

  1. This is a lovely picture – the background contrasts nicely with the flower…..

    • Really! Ha! I was standing in the kitchen and the brown is the knife holder in front of the window. I actually felt a bit guilty for not moving the knife rack away and setting things up “nicely”. One month to go till thesis submission and then I’ll have time to get back into my photography! Thanks for leaving a comment. I really appreciate your thoughts!

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