2011-2012 Holiday in Rotorua

Note my husband took all the photos except for the swans.

Lake Rotorua is inhabited by groups of large black swans.

Red clover by the Waiteti stream.

Rainbow trout caught by our friend around Ngongotaha, Lake Rotorua.

The next day we went to Hamurana Springs. There’s a grove of American Redwood trees, although, our American friend Adam indicated that they were still very small compared to the ancient ones he had seen in America.

The waterway was phenomenally clear!

Rainbow trout spawn in these waters.

The next day we went to Wai-o-tapu. The Artist’s Palette is in the foreground, and the Champagne Pool is in the back. Click on the image below for slightly larger size.

The Primrose Terraces.

Detail of the terraces.

The Oyster Pool.

Water pouring into Lake Ngakoro.

And finally, the Devil’s Bath. Yes, that was the colour of the lake.

Photos from the mudpools. Note that you don’t have to pay to see these. They’re a little further along the road down from Wai-o-tapu.


7 thoughts on “2011-2012 Holiday in Rotorua

  1. Whoa! Flashback! I used to live in NZ quite back in the late ’90s and really enjoyed visiting Rotorua. I love the Champagne Pools!

  2. Cool Photos grace, thanks for that! to me, it brought me my MSc days back working and mapping all about surface thermal manifestations….ohh!! how do I miss that H2S smell now!!!! haha. Some thoughts, how did the Trout taste? I imagine you did eat it right? I can see that Trout charcoal grilled just with lemon atop!!! Also, just wondering how the hell those red woods managed to go all the way from California to NZ!!!! Adam is right, those one in California are huge!!! not only in size but also in diameter, reaching over 3m diameter! It would be interesting to see how young these one in NZ are. I still remember Californians were about 2300 years old! Plus you cant help but to see Luke, Cptn Han Solo wondering around those trees being chased up by the imperial guards in the flying motorbikes! haha, remember?

    • The trout was tasty! Steve baked it in the oven with some butter, herbs, and slices of capsicum in the cuts of the fish. Excellent! I didn’t realise that those trees were redwoods – in the movie Star Wars. Interesting!

  3. Hi again, Grace–what a set of memories you’ve awakened–I can almost smell the ubiquitous essence of the Rotorua area! I’ve been there a number of times, and it’s never failed to fascinate and attract me back. My favorite is the Waiotapu shot with the walker on the boardwalk. Since you asked for comments & suggestions, I think I would have cropped a little more off the top so you can’t see the sky between the trees and maybe increased the saturation a bit, but your treatment has more of a pastel water-color effect and is very nice, indeed. Thanks for the flashbacks!

    • Glad you enjoyed the photos. Rotorua certainly has an “aroma” in places. Weather has been the wettest summer I’ve ever experienced in NZ. I suspect that the photos would have been nicer at Wai-o-tapu if the sky had been blue. It’s very tricky taking photos with glare and smoke! I have to admit that I did very little editing on these photos before uploading. The new camera (and my husband) did a very good job of taking images that were very close to real life. Thanks again for your comment!

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