Tiritiri Matangi Open Sanctuary, New Zealand

Recently, I went for my first ever visit to Tiri (as we refer to it here) Island.

Err…we discoverd that it wasn’t that far from a (disused) explosives dumping ground…

The saddleback was a very industrious bird. Happily following humans around, getting into the washed up seaweed and throwing it around to get underneath at any bugs.

The fantail is very friendly and follows you around on the beach because it’s keeping an eye out for insects that are being stirred up from people walking along.

A bellbird at one of the islands feeding stations.

The manuka tea tree grows all over the island. There are a lot of products that are made from the honey of this tree e.g. soaps, hand creams etc.

Up to the Lighthouse!

A little climb up to the old Lighthouse.

This is Gary, one of two Takahe’s living on Tiri. He was very clever and knew that lunchboxes contained food….

Leaving Tiri Island.

Heading back into Gulf Harbour Marina at the end of the day….


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